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Practice the "double carbon" target and interpret the "green code" of Shenghong petrochemical
In recent days, the mainstream media of central, provincial and industrial, such as people's daily, Xinhua news agency, China Chemical Industry News, Jiangsu economic news, modern express and Yangtze Evening News, have focused on the booming Shenghong green petrochemical industry base,  released several special reports to praise Shenghong group's focusing on the "double carbon" target, relying on innovation driven,striving to build an ecological, low carbon, recycling modern green petrochemical industry base.

High intensity investment, and build up the foundation of environmental protection
In order to further build a sustainable green industrial chain and implement the strategic requirements of the state to promote the transformation and upgrading of petrochemical industry, in 2010, Shenghong group went to Lianyungang City, north of Jiangsu Province, and planned to build an ecological, safe and innovative petrochemical industry base. At present, the 2.4 million tons/year alcohol based multi production project of Sierbang petrochemical and 3.9 million tons / year PTA project of Honggang Petrochemical have been completed, and the storage terminal and cogeneration project are fully supported. As the key supporting project of the State Council's petrochemical industry planning and layout plan, Shenghong group's 16 million tons/year refining and chemical integration project is advancing rapidly and will be completed and put into operation within the year.

Shenghong group has become the leading enterprise of Lianyungang base among the seven world-class petrochemical industry bases in China.
The environmental protection investment of Shenghong Petrochemical has reached 2.7 billion Yuan, accounting for 9% of the total investment; The total investment of the 16 million tons / year refining and chemical integration project under construction is 67.7 billion Yuan, of which 4.3 billion Yuan is invested in environmental protection, accounting for nearly 6% of the total investment of the project, and the investment amount and proportion of environmental protection are all in the leading level in the industry. This also ensures the advanced nature of the project in environmental protection technology and equipment, and the energy consumption and emission indexes are far better than the national standards, laying a solid foundation for the green and environmental protection of enterprises.

High standard operation, green system construction
Shenghong group strictly implements the latest national environmental protection standards, and in accordance with the special emission limit requirements of the Yangtze River Delta region, strengthens the whole process of green production, promotes the integration of energy conservation and environmental protection and clean production. A number of energy saving, water saving and emission reduction projects have been implemented in succession, which has realized the goals of source reduction, process control and recycling, and achieved the goal of energy saving, pollution reduction and efficiency.

The project of comprehensive utilization technology transformation of waste acid resource of Sierbang petrochemical has realized the comprehensive utilization of products and by-products of three sets of combined units and zero emission of environmental protection; The steam produced by waste heat recovery unit is reused to reduce cost and increase efficiency; 14 international advanced technologies were adopted, and the combined upstream and downstream integrated production mode realized the recycling of "three wastes" reproduction, meanwhile, the emission was reduced, and a closed-circuit green industrial chain was built. After the implementation of various measures, the standard coal was saved by 22000 tons / year.

On the basis of reaching the advanced level of the industry, they will continue to optimize key issues and tap potential. The biogas recovery and utilization project recently put into use by Honggang Petrochemical Company, through the 30t/h biogas boiler, will recycle the biogas produced by the sewage pretreatment station in the plant area, which not only reduces the waste gas emission, but also realizes the energy recovery and cleaning, optimizes the energy structure and improves the comprehensive utilization rate of energy. After the project is fully loaded, the purchased steam of the company can be reduced by 24,000 tons / year, and the annual comprehensive energy consumption can be reduced by 24,000 tons of standard coal and CO2 emission by 70,000 tons / year; The PTA phase I plant is undergoing energy saving transformation, and the desalted water and steam consumption of the unit will be greatly reduced. The annual comprehensive energy consumption of the plant can reduce 17,000 tons of standard coal and CO2 emission by 30,000 tons / year.

High level planning, low carbon win the future
With the unremitting pursuit and efforts for green sustainable development, the sustainable development mode of Shenghong group has formed a complete system from the whole industrial chain layout of downstream polyester fiber "one silk" to "one drop of oil" in upstream oil refining and chemical industry. The environmental protection work of the company has been unanimously affirmed by all sectors of the society. In 2018, Honggang petrochemical, a subsidiary of Shenghong group, was successfully selected into the third batch of national "green plants" list and "green factories" list of Sinopec industry. According to the deployment of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the petrochemical Federation, Shenghong group, as a key enterprise representative, participates in the preparation of PTA green factory evaluation guidelines, and integrates the green development "Shenghong mode" into it.

The layout of green development of Shenghong group is still further extended. At present, the company has started to carry out the overall planning of carbon peak, carbon neutralization, and launched CCUs (carbon capture, utilization and storage) project research, and explored the cutting-edge technology of carbon emission reduction and the long-term technology path to realize zero carbon production.

In addition, Shenghong Group actively responds to the national green low carbon energy development strategy, and plans to use clean energy provided by Lianyungang Tianwan nuclear power plant to replace the traditional coal-fired thermal power plant and provide heat energy for the project. Nuclear energy heating project has unique advantages of carbon free and environmental protection. The total coal consumption and pollutant emission will be greatly reduced, and it is expected to take the lead in realizing "zero carbon heating" in the whole industry, which will set a new benchmark for the green and sustainable development of petrochemical industry in China.

Zhuang Xiangning, deputy director of quality, safety and environmental protection department of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, commented that the green development mode of Shenghong Petrochemical reflects the high consciousness and responsibility of the enterprises for the ecological and low-carbon development, and represents the development direction of green transformation of China's petrochemical industry.

On the road of future development, Shenghong group will continue to vigorously develop green manufacturing, continuously improve the level of resource utilization, build a safe and green production system, and take carbon neutralization technology, Wastewater recycling treatment, energy cascade utilization and VOCs emission reduction as new topics for research, comprehensive realize the waste recycling, harmless and reduction treatment in an all-round way, and take "green, low carbon, Circulation "to create Shenghong's shining business card and core competitiveness.