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Shenghong Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shenghong group" or "Shenghong")
Founded in 1992 in Shengze, Wujiang. The group has always focused on the development of real economy, and has formed an innovative high-tech enterprise group with petrochemical, textile and energy as its main business. It now has 1 listed company (Eastern Shenghong, 000301), over 30 entity companies and more than 40,000 employees. The group has three industrial bases, Suzhou, Lianyungang and Suqian, with business throughout the world, leading the chemical fiber industry in China, the practitioner of national petrochemical industry strategy development and the ecological creator of the whole industrial chain of new high-end manufacturing industry.

In 2020, Shenghong Group officially is ranked 455th in the "Global 500", 111th in the "Top 500 enterprises in China", 22nd in the “top 500 private enterprises in China" and 13th in the “China's top 500 private manufacturing industry.
Shenghong's vigorous development has been recognized by all levels of departments, and has successively won the honors of "national technology innovation demonstration enterprise", "national advanced unit of circular economy", "key high-tech enterprise of national Torch Plan", "National Science and Technology Progress Award", "China Industrial award award" and "yuanbaohua enterprise management Gold Award".
BELT and ROAD strategy, and Jiangsu coastal development are currently being firmly pursued by Shenghong. Relying on the new growth pole of the petrochemical industry, we should accelerate the modernization and internationalization process, promote the structural adjustment and industrial transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and take the solid position of the top priority in the development of Chinese private enterprises.
Creating a New Pattern of Diversified Development with Unique Ways and Developing Slowly
Founded and developed in Shengze, the development of Shenghong has the advantage of first development; Adhering to the development idea of daring to be the first, seizing the commanding point of industrial development in the future and mastering core technology, Shenghong's rise has obtained the "acceleration" of curve surpassing. Starting from the printing and dyeing industry in the downstream, Shenghong has a unique way to climb to the upstream of the industrial chain, forming an industrial cluster with coordinated development in the upstream and downstream. Each major business segment is in the leading position in the industry.
Through merger, leasing, cooperative operation, Shenghong printing and dyeing has 21 branches with annual processing capacity of about 3 billion meters, with the capacity ranking the top in the world. Adhering to the development strategy of "one factory, one product", Shenghong has accurately positioned each branch, forming a specialized, scale and standardized production pattern. The product quality, product grade and added value are far ahead of the industry. The developed digital machine printing has been selected into the national key new product list. At present, the scale development has gradually moved forward to high-quality development. The transformation of printing and dyeing industry is to develop from the traditional processing and manufacturing mode with low cost labor force, high energy consumption and low added value to the intelligent manufacturing mode with high technology content, high product quality and high added value.
In 2003, Shenghong entered the chemical fiber industry. Adhering to the idea of "no repeated construction, no conventional products, no conventional production technology", Shenghong chemical fiber root planting dislocation competition strategy, mainly focuses on the development and production of superfine fiber and differential functional fiber, effectively avoids the market competition of conventional chemical fiber products, and has a complete independent intellectual property right and world-leading renewable PTT polyester and fiber industry chain. At present, the total capacity of Shenghong chemical fiber reaches 2.3 million tons / year, and the product differentiation rate reaches 90%, which is known as "global differential fiber expert".
In 2010, Shenghong actively extended the industrial chain, and built a new petrochemical industry cluster area from Shengze north to Lianyungang, relying on port advantages, location advantages and industrial advantages. The project is located in the National East West Regional Cooperation Demonstration Zone (Xuwei new area, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province). The industrial park is planned to cover an area of about 15 square kilometers, integrating production research and development, logistics supporting functions, and adhering to the balanced development of refining and chemical industry chain and high-end petrochemical industry chain. It is a very influential pillar brand in the seven world-class petrochemical industry bases of the country. Up to now, Shenghong has invested more than 40 billion yuan, and has completed 2.4 million tons/year alcohol based multi production project of SRP petrochemical and 3.9 million tons/year PTA project of Honggang Petrochemical Company, and has completed the supporting projects of about 1.4 million cubic meters of liquid chemical storage, two 50,000 ton liquid chemical terminals and cogeneration. Shenghong Petrochemical Industrial Park has become a leading enterprise to promote the high-quality development of Lianyungang, and also lays a solid foundation for Shenghong to build a world-class famous enterprise.
Ingenuity, Innovativation, New Momentum of Leapfrog Development
Innovation is the inexhaustible power of enterprise development, and also the core element of building high quality Shenghong. At the national level, more and more innovators are needed to realize the transformation from "made in China" to "Created in China", to build an innovative country and to promote the fundamental transformation of development mode. As far as Shenghong is concerned, more and more innovators are needed from "Shenghong speed" to "Shenghong quality".
In recent years, Shenghong has built a national enterprise technology center, Jiangsu (Shenghong) textile new materials research institute, national textile testing center, postdoctoral research workstation and other scientific research and innovation platforms, forming the "Super Brain" supporting innovation and development. From the cutting-edge technology tracking of textile industry to the equipment update of production line, this "brain" covers all aspects of the industry research and development. In June, 2019, the national advanced functional fiber innovation center, led by Shenghong group, was approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology. This is the 13th National Innovation Center in China and the first national innovation center in the province, and the first national innovation center led by private enterprises in China. According to the plan, the advanced functional fiber innovation center will tackle the key issues in 8 key common core technology fields, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of national advanced functional fiber industry! In the field of superfine fiber, Shenghong has successfully overcome the technical barriers of microfiber by combining with domestic and foreign experts, and has reached 0.15dtex (10000 m 0.15g). At present, the annual output of superfine fiber exceeds the total output of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. Shenghong also broke the monopoly of foreign enterprises on PTT core technology, and set a number of records in the history of world technology in the field of PTT, which made China's textile industry enter the first-class level in the field of PTT“ The industrial projects of Binghong silk and direct spinning are listed as national key new product plans and national Torch projects respectively.
Shenghong takes the development of intelligent manufacturing as the strategic focus of the enterprise. The first set of intelligent logistics system for chemical fiber industry independently developed fills the blank in the research and development of intelligent logistics system for chemical fiber production in China, and undertakes the "key industry revitalization and technical transformation project" of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the state, and creates a model enterprise integrating industrialization, intelligence and information.
Shenghong also actively uses the standard to seize the commanding point and win the international discourse power. The enterprise has successively undertaken the convener of the international standard Synthetic fiber working group and the Secretariat of the international standard dyeing textiles and dye test sub Commission, and became the maker and publisher of international standards in this field. In 2015, the international standard project "test method for boiling water shrinkage of textile chemical fiber filament" led by Shenghong was issued and implemented, which became the first international standard in China's chemical fiber industry, and achieved the breakthrough of leading domestic chemical fiber enterprises in the preparation and revision of international standards.
After entering the petrochemical field, Shenghong quickly stood firm on the basis of strong innovation and laid a foundation for the expansion of industrial chain. In April 2017, Shenghong Petrochemical established an academician Advisory Committee composed of 12 academicians from the two academies to provide the most cutting-edge technology and scientific and technological achievements for the development of the enterprise. In june2019, Shenghong Petrochemical innovation center platform was officially established, aiming at the realization of talent, project, patent and industry convergence, attracting the project to the ground through share holding or acquisition, and building a sharing platform around the development of petrochemical industry chain, accelerating the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to real productivity and building a brand of "Shenghong innovation" with international influence. The company has jointly built provincial graduate workstation of enterprise with Jiangsu Ocean University, established a good cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University, Sinopec Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which laid a good industrial ecology for the development and expansion of petrochemical industry and provided strong technical support.
In recent two years, the company has carried out more than 100 independent R & D and cooperative development projects, with R & D expenses accounting for 4% of sales revenue. A series of new products such as EVA photovoltaic material brand have been successfully developed, and many products fill the domestic gap.
At the same time, Shenghong Petrochemical has played a leading role in large-scale refining and chemical integration projects, extending the chain and climbing to the middle and high end of the global industrial chain. The company is building a refining and chemical integration project of 16 million tons/year refining, 2.8 million tons/year aromatic hydrocarbons, 1.1 million tons / year ethylene and downstream derivatives, and supporting 300000 tons crude oil terminal, 3.83 million cubic meters storage and other projects, with a total investment of about 67.7 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, Shenghong Petrochemical will form a unique "double chain" model of oil to olefin and alcohol to olefin, and extend and coordinate the development mode, which will provide a new way for the transformation and upgrading of Sinopec industry.
Eco-friendly, New Picture of Sustainable Development
During the "14th five year plan", green and low carbon development has become the only way for high-quality development of industry. Since the goal of "carbon reaching peak and carbon neutralization" has been clarified, Shenghong has steadily promoted green development in the new era, accelerated the construction of clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, adhered to and improved the energy consumption "double control" mechanism, and firmly followed the road of ecological priority, green low-carbon and high-quality development.
Through independent innovation, Shenghong printing and dyeing successfully broke through a number of key technologies of green ecological development, and became a national demonstration enterprise for air and wastewater treatment in printing and dyeing industry. As early as many years ago, in order to break through the bottleneck of high energy consumption and large discharge of printing and dyeing, Shenghong joined hands with the Donghua University to tackle key problems in production, education and research, and adopted advanced membrane treatment technology in the world to conduct in-depth treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater. At present, 8 large-scale operation systems were put into Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with the scale of aquatic water reaching 45000 tons / day, and the problem of increasing the recovery rate of wastewater to more than 70% was solved, It was awarded the first transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprise in the printing and dyeing industry in China. Shenghong also follows the principles of green production source, energy saving of production units and environmental protection of sewage treatment, vigorously promotes projects such as air treatment and sludge incineration to achieve ultra-low emission of air pollutants, and is rated as a national green factory by the end of 2020, becoming the green standard of the industry.
Shenghong chemical fiber has set up industrial bases in Suzhou and Suqian, formulated industrial green cycle planning, explored green fiber models such as biomass and recycled materials. In 2017, Shenghong successfully passed the GRS certification license, and promoted the "green competitiveness" of the enterprise in the international market; Jiangsu Guowang High-Technique Fiber Co., Ltd. was selected as the first batch of national "green factories", and the "green design platform for bio based PTT fiber" led by Jiangsu Guowang high tech fiber Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into 2017 national green manufacturing system integration project, which realized the green recyclability of the whole life cycle and whole industry chain processing process of bio based PTT fiber; In 2020, Shenghong took the initiative in putting into production and independently developed melt direct spinning production line from plastic bottle to spinning in the world, which has become an advanced green manufacturing model in the textile industry. It can recycle and utilize more than 10 billion waste plastic bottles in the whole year, reduce the carbon dioxide emission of 3.6 million tons, and plan to build 500,000 tons / year recycled fiber in the future, enhance core competitiveness in the global market.
As a leading enterprise of Lianyungang to build a world-class petrochemical industry base, Shenghong is relying on innovation driven to vigorously promote digital transformation and build a modern green petrochemical industry base with ecological, low carbon and recycling.
Shenghong petrochemical projects in the planning and construction of the beginning of the concept of “Environmental priority, green development”as the enterprise’s most important objectives and positioning. In terms of environmental protection, they should be invested strictly in accordance with the highest standards and no discount will be given. The total investment of the 16 million tons / year refining and chemical integration project under construction is 67.7 billion yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 4.3 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 6% of the total investment of the project, and the investment amount and proportion of environmental protection are all in the leading level in the industry.
Shenghong strictly implements the latest national environmental protection standards, and strengthens the whole process green production according to the special emission limit requirements of Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, implements the integrated clean production of energy conservation and environmental protection, realizes the source reduction, process control and recycling, and creates a closed-circuit green industrial chain.
With the unremitting pursuit and efforts for green sustainable development, Shenghong has formed a complete system in the whole industrial chain layout from the downstream polyester fiber "one silk" to the upstream oil refining and chemical "one drop of oil". At present, Shenghong has started to carry out the overall plan of carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and launched the CCUs project research, explored the cutting-edge technology of carbon emission reduction and the technical path of realizing zero carbon production for a long time, and set a new benchmark for the green and sustainable development of petrochemical industry in China.
Shenghong is committed to becoming an enterprise respected by peers and society. Taking the opportunity of moving the printing and dyeing plate to Wujiang textile Circular Economic Industrial Park, Shenghong will take the lead role of benchmarking and leading demonstration, introduce advanced technology and equipment and develop advanced intelligent printing and dyeing. While promoting the upgrading of printing and dyeing industry, Shenghong will help the Industrial Park reach the international advanced level, it has become an advanced model of domestic and international circular economy.
"Establish the first brand in the industry and build the world-class famous enterprise". Facing the new mission and new opportunities given by the new era, Shenghong group will adhere to the goal of building "high quality Shenghong", take courage and self-innovation as the courage to dare to do, firmly be an innovator of development, contribute to the progress of the country, nation and society, and set up the prosperity of national enterprises!