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Shenghong's "intelligent manufacturing" appeared in CCTV special live broadcast
This morning (May 3), CCTV's special live program "watching China along the highway" came to Lianyungang. CCTV1 integrated channel and cctv13 news channel live broadcast simultaneously, focusing on the development of port industry in this east starting city of Lianyungang Huojiang expressway.

In the live broadcast, the Long March 5 carrier rocket, domestic C919 aircraft, photovoltaic panels and a group of national treasures all appeared in front of the camera, and behind them is the construction support of Lianyungang petrochemical industry base. With independent innovation, Shenghong continues to improve the technical level of the national petrochemical industry, and accelerates the development of the whole industry chain to form a world-class petrochemical industry cluster, becoming the absolute "protagonist" of the "innovation and Intelligent change" in the live broadcast content.

The live broadcast introduced the important role of Shenghong Petrochemical's acrylonitrile, EVA photovoltaic materials and other products in the development of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries in China, as well as the high-end applications in aerospace, green low-carbon economy and other fields, showing the vivid practice of Shenghong's layout and development of port industry and construction of industrial highland.

The location advantage is obvious, and the radiation effect of industrial base is obvious
Relying on the large traffic and large pattern of Lianyungang sea, land and water transportation, Shenghong green petrochemical industrial base has obvious radiation effect, and its import and export channels are opened to the international market; Internally, it is based in East China and directly reaches 11 provinces and cities in the hinterland of central of Western China, with unique industrial synergy. Shenghong Petrochemical has also built a 300,000 tons crude oil terminal, six 50,000 tons liquid chemical terminals, and a storage tank farm of more than 5 million cubic meters. The international and domestic transportation pattern is seamless with connected the supporting facilities of Shenghong petrochemical industrial base, with significant location advantages.

Strong independent innovation, close to the national strategic orientation
The national "14th five year plan" proposes to promote the layout optimization and structural adjustment of petrochemical and other raw material industries, speed up the transformation and upgrading of Chemical industry and other key industries, guide and support the scientific and technological innovation of private enterprises. Aiming at international cutting-edge technology and national major industrial demand, Shenghong continued to increase its independent research and development efforts, and a number of new technology products achieved import substitution and international leadership. Shenghong's EVA photovoltaic products, which were shown in the live broadcast, achieved a major breakthrough in the improvement of key indicators such as crystal point and melt index, and passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. The technology level reached the international leading level, effectively broke the foreign monopoly and realized import substitution, becoming a domestic core supplier.

The scale advantage is obvious, and the scope of upstream and downstream cooperation is wide
Acrylonitrile, which appeared in the live broadcast, is also the key product of Sierbang petrochemical company, which is the Subsidiary of shenghong. As an important raw material for the national development of new material industry, it is mainly used in the production of carbon fiber, ABS resin / plastic, nitrile rubber, acrylic fiber, etc. downstream products are widely used in aerospace, automotive machinery, electronic equipment, environmental protection industry, Pharmaceutical pesticide and other fields of national economy.

At present, the acrylonitrile production capacity of Sierbang petrochemical company has reached 520,000 tons/year. With the completion of the second phase propane industrial chain project, the overall production scale of acrylonitrile of Sierbang Petrochemical Company will reach 1.04 million tons/year, becoming an important base for global acrylonitrile production. 

Layout of the whole industry chain, accelerating the formation of world-class industrial base
Taking refining and chemical integration as the leading role, Shenghong green petrochemical industry base focuses on the development of national strategic emerging industries such as high-end new materials, special chemicals and low-carbon new energy, connecting the upstream and downstream vertically and building industrial ecology horizontally, they have built a complete green textile industry chain of "crude oil aromatics / ethylene glycol polyester chemical fiber" and a high-end petrochemical industry chain of "crude oil / methanol olefins new chemical materials", and accelerated the development of petrochemical industry in the direction of "diversification of raw materials, high-end products, industrial cluster, green and low-carbon".

Blue sea, blue sky, Green Petrochemical. Relying on the transportation and location advantages of port and sea, radiating Asia and Europe, Shenghong people have made unremitting efforts for more than ten years, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of petrochemical industry“ In the first year of the 14th five year plan, with the strong promotion of major projects such as 16 million tons/year refining and chemical integration, Shenghong group will continue to anchor the "four world-class" standards of environmental protection and safety, process equipment, input and output, and quality brand, and forge ahead towards the goal of building a world-class green petrochemical industrial base!