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Shenghong group won "national" honor again, be the only one in Suzhou!
With the end of the five-day publicity period, JIANGSU GUOWANG HIGH-TECHNIQUEFIBER CO.,LTD, a subsidiary of the group, was officially rated as the national advanced private enterprise in employment and social security, becoming the only unit in Suzhou city to receive this award.

The national advanced private enterprises of employment and social security are appraised by the all China Federation of industry and commerce, Ministry of human resources and social security, and all China Federation of trade unions. They praise those private enterprises that are focused on innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, actively undertake social responsibilities, build enterprises into communities of interests, undertakings, and common destiny, and help achieve higher quality development and fuller employment.

Strengthen the guidance of Party building and adhere to people oriented
The company always adheres to the party's theory and policy as the basis of organizational development and enterprise management. Party members play the role of fighting fortress in the management posts at all levels of the company to ensure that the development of the enterprise is highly consistent with the party's line and policy and resonates with each other. In the epidemic prevention work, all Party members charge ahead to ensure the win-win of the company's production and epidemic prevention work! Under the guidance of Party construction, the company adheres to people-oriented principle, constantly improves various rules and regulations, ensures employment in accordance with the law, protects the rights and interests of employees with systems, and continues to build the corporate culture spirit of "benefiting the society and employees", forming a strong atmosphere of harmony and common prosperity.

Firmly protect the rights and interests of employees, and do not slacken during the epidemic period
The company adheres to the people-oriented principle and protects the rights and interests of employees in accordance with laws and regulations. During the epidemic period, the company did not reduce staff or pay, absorbed nearly 1000 employees from de capacity enterprises, actively absorbed poor employees and registered poor people, and steadily absorbed college graduates for employment.

"Staff home" and enterprise development construction together and   promotion each other.

The company strives to build the trade union into a "home for workers". Regular general elections should be held to make trade union cadres younger. The establishment of the staff mediation committee also plays a positive role in the psychological support and disputes of employees, and truly becomes a safe harbor for employees.

Create the family culture of "happy, comfortable, warm and intimate" 
The company pays attention to the construction of corporate culture, so that employees can not only work with energy and enthusiasm, but also build a "happy, comfortable, warm and intimate" family culture system to enhance employees' sense of belonging, sense of honor and sense of ownership and grow together. Take the staff club as the carrier, carry out a series of recreational and sports activities regularly every year, give all the staff a cultural feast, enrich the staff's life.

Let the out-of-town employees feel the warmth of home and create a comfortable enterprise.

The company has absorbed employment groups from all over the country and many migrant workers. Through the implementation of policies and measures such as double employee husband and wife room, employee family visiting room, taking parents to celebrate the new year, solving and helping the children of employees to enter the school, the sense of belonging of employees has been greatly improved; Enterprises also set up a love fund to act as a "warm heart" backing through "helping the poor". All kinds of processes closely related to employees can be inquired, studied and handled on the mobile terminal, so as to create "intimate" services with informatization and intelligence. The enterprise has been awarded the title of Suzhou harmonious enterprise of labor relations and Jiangsu harmonious enterprise of labor relations.

Create a learning organization, earnestly practice the "production reform" and take the lead
The company has organized its own team of internal trainers and assessors to promote free education promotion and skill promotion for in-service employees. Nearly 1,000 employees have obtained college diploma, and 1,846 highly skilled talents per 10,000 employees! There is 64 outstanding skilled talents won various external awards, including: chief technician of Jiangsu Province, craftsman of Wujiang times, highly skilled talents of Gusu, outstanding senior technician of Wujiang District, outstanding technician of Wujiang District, outstanding senior worker of Wujiang District, technical staff of Wujiang District, top 10 HR managers of Suzhou, technical experts of national textile industry.

Leading by excellent skilled talents, four skilled master studios in Wujiang District, one skilled master studio in Suzhou City, one model worker studio and one innovative talent studio were established respectively. In 2019, the company won the first batch of skills certification demonstration enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and in 2020, the company won the first batch of enterprises with social oriented skills certification qualification in Jiangsu Province.

Keep people with salary, treat people with heart and warm people with affection
During the Spring Festival this year, in order to reduce the flow of people, Shenghong group has taken a series of welfare measures to encourage employees to stay local for spending the New Year. Shenghong actively responded to the call of the policy and carried out propaganda and mobilization at the first time. The managers are required to take the lead not to leave the local; Help staff to enhance their awareness of protection and provide epidemic prevention materials free of charge; Coordinate the work arrangement for all employees during the New Year to ensure their income; Red envelopes will be sent to all the left behind staff during the Spring Festival; From New Year's Eve to the second day of the new year, tens of thousands Yuan red packets with cash were sent out by lucky drawing on each day, and everyone can get a prize.

The call to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the spot has been positively responded by the employees. Shenghong group will do its best to provide logistics support services, so that the employees can enjoy a happy year in Shenghong while reducing the turnover during the Spring Festival!