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"CCTV News" praised Shenghong: leading sustainable development with "green technology"
On the evening of December 16th, CCTV's CCTV news column was broadcast under the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China characteristics. Promote high-quality economic development, which focuses on Shenghong group's efforts to carry out "green innovation", leading the "green transformation" of the industry with "green technology" and "green products", and helping the sustainable development of the national textile industry.

Excerpts from the report:
General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that the development of new era and new stage must follow the new development concept and must be of high quality development. Since the beginning of this year, China has been sticking to the new development concept throughout the whole process of development and in all fields, so as to promote the high-quality development of China's economy.

At present, the production and lifestyle of many places along the Yangtze River are experiencing a "green revolution". In Shengze, an important textile town in China, billboards on both sides of the road have been occupied by advertisements of various recycle fiber products since this year. Behind this is the green and environmental protection industrial upgrading that is taking place in the textile town. Textile raw materials come from waste plastic bottles, and the production process has been transformed for environmental protection.

Xu Chunjian, deputy general manager of chemical fiber section of Shenghong group, said that the company has also overcome the worldwide problem of "antimony free" catalyst this year, further improving the "green index" of regenerated fiber production process, and has entered the stage of industrial application and promotion.

Through the transformation, the emission of waste gas and waste water of the enterprise has been reduced by 15%, and the surface water quality of the East Tai Lake Basin has increased by 14.3% compared with the previous year. Such environmental upgrading has been carried out in more than 100 textile enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, driving the green transformation of more than 10000 upstream and downstream enterprises.

As a leading domestic fiber research and development and production enterprise, in recent years, Shenghong group has continuously overcome the technical barriers of green products such as recycled fiber and antimony free fiber, accelerated the industrialization process of green fiber, and contributed to the sustainable development of "green water and green mountains".

Technological innovation to solve the problem of recycle
As the raw material of recycled fiber plastic bottle has many impurities, poor balance, and different thickness and compression resistance, some of them even contain pollutants, so it is difficult to deal with them, and the production cost once remained high, which also hindered the development of the recycled fiber industry. Relying on the national advanced functional fiber innovation center, Shenghong carried out technological innovation, equipment renewal, optimized the process flow, eliminated the raw material slicing link in the general production process of recycled fiber, realized the direct spinning of plastic bottles, and reduced the production cost by about 8%. By the end of this year, the total output of Shenghong's recycled fiber will reach 200000 tons per year, which is equivalent to digesting 10 billion waste plastic bottles a year.

Building a complete, recycle product matrix
Shenghong group began mass production of recycled fiber in 2018, and through a series of product research and development, the current product range is very complete. The main products include recycle bright, recycle full dull, recycle semi dull, recycle cation, etc., as well as functional differential products such as recycle anti ultraviolet, recycle antibacterial, recycle absorption and discharge, recycle flame retardant, recycle two-component elastic yarn, etc.

At present, Shenghong's recycled fiber has passed the global recycling standard GRS certification, each batch of products delivery with TC certificate, and has special identification agent and traceability agent, which can not only identify the content of Shenghong's recycled fiber on the final fabric, but also achieve the traceability of the whole product life cycle.

Antimony free technology leads green development
With the increasing global demand for environmental protection, more and more attention has been paid to the problem of heavy metals in traditional antimony catalysts used in polyester production. Shenghong integrated the scientific research strength of the national advanced functional fiber innovation center and launched the titanium catalyst research and development project. The new technology replaces the traditional antimony catalyst with a new titanium containing composite catalyst system to produce polyester. The product does not contain antimony, which completely solves the possible pollution and health problems caused by the original heavy metal antimony in polyester fiber from the source.

The development and application of green fiber has significant environmental advantages, enhances the competitiveness of China's polyester products, and helps the transformation and upgrading of China's fiber industry. Shenghong group will continue to adhere to the development concept of "ecological enterprise, green first", continuously increase innovation and research and development efforts, continuously improve the level of green manufacturing, and strive to build a leading enterprise for sustainable development of China's fiber industry.