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CCTV focuses on Shenghong's "steady production": scientific response to epidemic situation and orderly organization of "supply guarantee"
On February 6, CCTV integrated channel "evening news" focused on the "stable production" of national enterprises, focusing on the scientific response of SIERBANG Petrochemical Company to the epidemic situation, striving to ensure stable production and assisting the raw material supply of epidemic prevention material production enterprises. It shows the responsibility and responsibility of Shenghong people to stick to their posts and fight the "epidemic" line in the special period.

During the Spring Festival, in order to ensure the supply of raw materials for medical and epidemic prevention materials, the staff of SIERBANG Petrochemical Company stuck to their posts to fight against the epidemic situation, the units were fully powered to ensure production, and the units were operated with high efficiency and full load, providing a large number of high-quality raw materials for downstream epidemic prevention material production enterprises. In order to alleviate the shortage of medical masks, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials, ensure the stability of the raw material market, and provide effective assistance to win the war of epidemic prevention and control.

In the EVA finished product workshop of SIERBANG Petrochemical Company, five automatic packaging lines are filling and packing products at the same time. Bags of hot melt adhesive products used as adhesive for protective clothing arrive at the delivery area through the conveyor belt. After loading, they will be urgently transported to a protective clothing manufacturer in Zhejiang. Consignor Xu Shouling said that after a morning's communication, the 800 tons of hot melt adhesive products could be delivered to downstream manufacturers the next day, greatly alleviating the shortage of raw materials.

In addition to EVA hot melt adhesive products, propylene, acrylonitrile and butadiene produced by SIERBANG Petrochemical Company are also upstream raw materials of important materials for epidemic prevention and control. Propylene is the production raw material of polypropylene, and polypropylene is the main raw material of medical masks; Acrylonitrile and butadiene are the basic raw materials of medical rubber gloves. More than 1500 employees who stick to the front line, make every effort to allocate materials and take various measures to tap production capacity. In the past eight days, we have produced 20000 tons of EVA, butadiene and propylene products with quality and quantity guaranteed.

In order to ensure that the products can be delivered to downstream manufacturers as soon as possible, the company's marketing department and logistics department make every effort to coordinate and race against time, overcome many difficulties, such as poor high speed and shortage of transport capacity, take the lead in organizing customers to carpool and deliver goods, and use return vehicles to carry goods, so as to solve the difficulties for downstream manufacturers to the greatest extent.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Shenghong group made rapid response, actively responded to the call of the government, formulated detailed prevention and control measures, and fully invested in the prevention and control of the epidemic. At present, the company's epidemic prevention materials storage and distribution work is carried out in an orderly manner, the workshop and office are disinfected every day, the canteen is stopped, and the food is distributed separately to avoid crowd gathering. Before entering the factory, all the employees and outsiders were tested for body temperature and registered for detailed information, and the corresponding isolation and observation measures were implemented for the returned employees from other provinces.

Anti epidemic situation, pay attention to production. Shenghong people will continue to maintain high morale, do not relax, do not slack off, make every effort to protect the health of every employee, carefully maintain the operation of every device, and ensure the continuous supply of epidemic prevention materials and raw materials. Let's unite as one, and contribute to win the epidemic prevention war!