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Sheng Hong group won the China Patent Excellence Award
China patent award by the State Intellectual Property Office and the world intellectual property organization to carry out selection, held annually, to encourage and recognize the patentee and inventors have made outstanding contributions to the technology innovation and economic and social development award. Sheng Hong group, following the sixteenth China Patent Award in 2014, this year, "a high shrinkage PTT co polyester preparation method" won the eighteenth China Patent excellence award.
"Patent" a method for preparing high shrinkage PTT copolyester is in the company in recent years are summarized in the presence of polyester fabrics, spinning and dyeing process of conventional PTT application problems, through copolymerization, adding third monomer fourth, monomer and fifth monomer in esterification stage, improve the shrinkage performance of PTT fiber the. To maximize the use of PTT polyester has excellent elastic recovery function and softness, high shrinkage, high density in the textile fabric, provides an alternative to the current conventional high shrinkage polyester fiber PET high quality products. The fabric features high compactness, good flexibility, good stability, easy care, free ironing. With the combined use of PTT superfine fiber, can produce all kinds of soft and ultra high density fabric, achieved good results, expanding the application field of PTT polyester fiber.
In order to build the international product promotion strategy, to create a world leader in the level of PDO-PTT-PTT biomass fiber industry chain, the international distribution of PTT fiber related products patents. The invention patent has been authorized the United States intellectual property trademark office related products successfully broke through the Shell, DuPont Co of PTT industry chain technology monopoly, safe access to the American market for the company of PTT fiber products to the United States market provides the protection of intellectual property rights.